Need a really fun and romantic date night idea to do with your loved one? I got you covered!

There's something so romantic about driving around in the snow and looking at Christmas lights. I used to do this with my (ex) boyfriends in LA, minus the snow!

Here's what you do:


Step 1: On your way over to pick up your girlfriend or boyfriend, stop by a coffee shop and pick up a couple warm drinks for the two of you to enjoy.


Step 2: Have a holiday playlist ready! I've got you covered there too! Click HERE for 24/7 ad-free Christmas music!


Step 3: Pick up your loved one!


Step 4: Click HERE for a map of the most decorated holiday houses in Missoula!


Step 5: Take your time driving from house to house and enjoy each others company. You can do something fun at each house you stop at too (ex. Take a cute/silly picture, give them a gift etc.).


You pretty much can't go wrong with a date like this! It's super cheap and really romantic! You could even make it into a double date if you want! Have fun!


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