Okay so growing up I was DEFINITELY daddy's little girl! How could I not be when I was the youngest and the only girl?!

But that special relationship that I share with my dad has stayed with me my entire life. My dad is the person I got to when I need advice or when I need a reality check. Growing up he was always there for me when I needed him and we share a love for Tom Petty and good music (Even though he hates Justin Bieber).

My uncle Jim was there for me a lot of the time too. He was at every important event of my life including my Confirmation, graduations, big volleyball games etc.

Now my aunt and uncle have two absolutely adorable twin kids named Jack and Molly. I am absolutely obsessed with them and it's really hard being away from them. They are growing up so fast!

Molly can work any room and has a fiery but adorable personality. Jack is the artistic one who loves singing Frozen songs and cuddling up and reading a book.

But there is just something so special about a father/daughter relationship that my uncle is starting to realize. Molly has him so wrapped around her finger he doesn't even stand a chance. I love it! Check out the scenario he posted on Facebook the other day:


Nicole Wren TSM


How cute is that?! Told you he doesn't stand a chance!