Congrats to little Mackenzie Harcrow, last week's finalist! Now it's time to move into round two of our Crying Babies of Missoula Photo Contest! Vote now for your favorite picture and decide which crying baby should make it to the finals round.

Vote as often as you want, there is no limit to the amount of times you can vote. (Hint: just refresh the screen and vote again!) Want to increase a kid's chance of winning even more? Share this page with your friends on your favorite social network!

The winner receives a pair of tickets to two local Zoo FM sponsored concerts* of their choice, bragging rights, and some mystery prizes soon to be announced. Oh, and don't feel left out! It's not too late to submit your photo for this month-long contest. We will explain below the photos of this round how you can enter a photo...

Without any further ado, let's meet this week's Crying Babies of Missoula!

Name: Abigail Edwards

Submitted by: Brittani Edwards

Age: 2 years

Abigail Edwards

Name: Alice Storm

Submitted by: Crystal Storm

Age: 21 months

Alice Storm

Name: Avalynn Carter

Submitted by: Meagan Carter

Age: 2 years

Avalynn Carter

Name: Jace and Reese Meyer

Submitted by: Desi and Matthew Meyer

Age: 1 and 3 years

Jace and Reese Meyer

Name: Joshua Neidigh

Submitted by: Jasmine Neidigh

Age: 1 year

Joshua Neidigh

Names: Keegan and Kenzie Hall

Submitted by: KayCee Hall

Age: 2 years

Keegan and Kenzie Hall

Name: MaKenzye Rogers

Submitted by: Sammantha Sipp

Age: 4 months

MaKenzye Rogers

Name: Matylda McLinden

Submitted by: Michelle and Scott Mc Linden

Age: 7 months

Matylda McLinden

Name: Priscilla Applegate

Submitted by: Grace Applegate

Age: 4 months

Priscilla Applegate

Name: Relyhk Tudahl

Submitted by: Cindy Jessop

Age: 14 months

Relyhk Tudahl

Name: Ryann Swingley

Submitted: Caitlin O Connor

Age: 2 months

Ryann Swingley

Name: Rylee Nissen

Submitted by: Shelby Rouse

Age: 1 year

Rylee Nissen

"Hey! Where's my baby?" Did you upload a photo for this contest? Don't worry. We got it! Check back every Thursday over the next few weeks to see your crying baby make its debut in the qualifying rounds.

"I have a better photo of a crying baby!" You do? Great! Send it to us as soon as possible. We will continue to accept submissions during the qualifying rounds and choose our favorite photos to display. The baby must be under the age of three and currently residing in Missoula. Upload your photo of a local crying baby here.

Contest Details: For complete radio station rules visit this link.

*Sponsored concerts apply only when tickets are available to KENR-FM (station) from the promoter. There is no guarantee of ticket availability. Please allow at least three weeks for the station to arrange tickets to the show(s) of the winner's choice.