I’ve already admitted that I have two cats and that I buy cat food and litter in bulk. As I make my way to the check-out, cart loaded with 50 pounds of Friskies, two tubs of long-lasting Tidy Cat, and coupons in hand (DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!) I often feel like people are looking at me wondering if I have  50 cats and if I hang out with my feline friends on Friday nights?!

So imagine my delight when I came across this gem of a video on Youtube.

It’s like this crazy cat lady was reading my mind. YES! Of course I wanted to learn how to properly massage my cats, since, “Petting is passé, because your cat wants a massage.”

And just when you think this cat lady can’t get any crazier… she starts (sweetly/crazily) singing to ‘Champ-a-damper’. "Who's the best cat... It's you Champ-a-damper....you Champ-a-damper."

In case there wasn’t enough info on the proper spa massage for your cat, what about other animals in your home?

If you’ve been concerned about your Opossum’s flexibility and structural well-being, here’s the video for you: