Montana’s 33 craft brewers represent a growing sector of manufacturing activity in the state, according to a new survey and economic impact study by researchers Colin Sorenson and Todd Morgan of The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

Sorenson says the impact of the industry represents more than 430 jobs, nearly $50 million in private-sector sales, $9.8 million in private non-farm compensation, $1.8 million in government compensation and $1.5 million in state government revenue, according to the UM News Desk.

The story goes on to say that as of the end of calendar year 2011, there were 12 breweries in northwest Montana, seven in southwest Montana, four in north central Montana, eight in south central Montana and two in eastern Montana.

The report was commissioned by the Montana Brewers Association and is titled 'The Economic Contribution of Craft Brewing in Montana'.

Researcher Colin Sorenson