Here's your chance to win a Father's Day prize pack including a free cut and shave from Master Barber of Missoula, a gift pack from UpTop Clothing Co., a $50 gift certificate to Paradise Falls, and your choice of a pair of concert tickets to see Lee Brice, Slayer, or Modest Mouse. All you need to do to enter is to fill out our Father's Day "Mad Lib" by entering words in the boxes below. We'll select our favorite to win the big prize, so plan to make us laugh! Please note that incomplete entries will not be considered.

This Father's Day, we're going to treat dad to the best __________ ever. First, we're going to go to __________ in Missoula to buy him a brand new __________. Then, we're off to see a __________ at the __________. I'm sure it will be __________ __________. Of course, there's only one way to __________ a great Father's Day, and that's with __________ing at the __________. If everything __________ according to plan, it should be a __________ he will never forget!

This contest has expired.