Freshman Congressman Steve Daines held an open house Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the opening of his new Missoula Office at 110 West Front Street.

Strategically located between the offices of Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester, Daines said he is happy that his staff will be able to answer questions and bring the problems of Missoula voters to his attention in Washington, D.C.

Daines said the learning curve for a freshman Congressman is steep, as he put it 'like drinking water from a fire hose', but he said he's used to that pace from running a private business in Montana.

Daines was critical of President Obama's dramatic news conference on Wednesday, that implied vital emergency services like police, fire and medical would be cut if Republicans don't agree to tax increases to avoid the coming sequestration. Daines said there are already two bills before Congress to address the issue, but Democrats and the President won't pass them.

Daines said he would continue to seek to find ways to balance the budget, grow jobs and revitalize the economy.

Congresman Steve Daines