As you meandered around Brewfest this weekend, did you notice the some sweaty athletes parading around in white shirts and neon powder smeared all over their bodies? No, there wasn't a unfortunate mishap during a grade school craft project. Rather, these individuals had just survived the excitement of the first ever Color Me Rad event in Missoula.

It seemed that after the thousands of participants endured the grueling 5k, the last thing they wanted to do was shower up and spend the rest of the day at home propped up to relax their muscles. Instead, they proudly gallivanted around Missoula donning the bright colors they ran through to reach the finish line. Consider it rite of passage, colors to identify their accomplishments. Whatever they considered it, it was a fun free for all that many of the participants were proud to show off in public.

Before the aftermath, the race was filmed to capture the fleeting memories. With special thanks to YouTube user actormime, now we can all relive the excitement of the most thrilling 5k this town has ever experienced, with or without the colors that binded them.