Made up. That's what the recent Britney Spears lawsuit, reportedly launched by her ex-brother-in-law Christopher Federline, was. It was an elaborate hoax designed by a repeat offender. Ugh!

When we initially reported on the outrageous lawsuit against our girl Brit Brit, which claimed she stole credit cards, bought comic books and had an affair with her ex-hubby Kevin Federline's brother (which produced son Sean Preston), we pointed out that it sounded like a bunch of hilarious malarkey. And that's just what it was.

The details of the suit were widely reported by the media, but the suit was just the shenanigans perpetrated by Jonathan Lee Riches.

Riches previously posed as Adam Lanza, the man who opened fire at the Sandy Hook school, killing 26 people, which is beyond reprehensible.

He also launched a hilarious lawsuit against Justin Bieber earlier this year, claiming to be Selena Gomez's father and stating that the Biebs borrowed funds to pay for an abortion and that he was enlarging his penis (aka Jerry).

Sounds like Riches is a sick, sick man who likes to file ridic lawsuits against the rich and famous. Brit has had many lawsuits thrown on her doorstep, so she's probably used to it. We hope she at least had a laugh at this one, since she's had a rough coupla days with the 'X' rumors and gossip surrounding her relationship with fiance Jason Trawick.

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