I made a goal this year to run my first triathlon. What I have learned while training here in Missoula was that this town is very dedicated to an active lifestyle. Perhaps our town is one of the key cities that put our state on the map for the healthiest in America? I'm convinced that it is...

Making a leap from the office desk chair to the pavement didn't happen overnight, but it would have been a much slower process had it not been for a few of the businesses that have kick started my fitness goals. No matter what yours may be, this weekly run down of the local people and services I encountered may get you where you need to be.

John Pitcairn is Montana's first ever ChiRunning Instructor. ChiRunning is known as the safer alternative when it comes to softening the blow of impact while jogging. I have a very large frame and needed the safer alternative to running to keep myself from getting injured. After meeting this Runner's Edge employee I quickly learned that, yes, big guys CAN run. And people of any size could learn to run in a much more relaxed fashion.

Here's John explaining the basic technique of ChiRunning

According to the Runner's Edge MT website:

(John) bought the ChiRunning book at Runner’s Edge and discovered  as a 10-year Sports Massage Therapist with a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, that the technique based on alignment and relaxation principles of T’ai Chi, combined with modern physics, made total sense to him to overcome and reduce injuries and increase efficiency.  He began to practice ChiRunning in July 2009 and finished the 2010 Missoula Half Marathon nine seconds out of third place in his age group.

Now, first things first...we do NOT recommend that you get out and start doing this form of running without getting some proper instructions first. The last thing we need are the possibility for even more injuries. That's why we recommend hitting up the instructional links below and also paying Runner's Edge a visit and meet John along with the whole crew to see how your running form can improve even more.

ChiRunning Resources