This caught us by surprise. We thought for sure Bozeman would have topped this list considering it is the home of major tourist attractions including world class skiing...

Yahoo Finance just released a list of the most expensive cities in each state. And before you say Whitefish or even Big Sky...nope. Missoula. Yup, good ol' Missoula!

Taking into consideration the current price levels just released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the home of University of Montana topped the chart. Here's how they broke it down:

While all three metropolitan areas in Montana have a higher regional price parity than the state’s, Missoula is the most expensive. However, the higher cost of living in Missoula is not offset by higher pay. The average Missoula resident earns just under $36,000 annually, about $2,700 less than statewide income per capita. While the cost of living across Montana did not increase from the previous year, the relative cost of goods and services in Missoula went up slightly during the same time period.


Yahoo went into further detail stating that the average cost of rent in Missoula was around $777 and the average median income in the city was $48,077.

It could be worse. We could be living in the most expensive city, Honolulu, Hawaii! All the while being jealous of Danville, Illinois for it's least expensive cost of living.

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