I really wish I had a kilt for this weekend, as Caras Park will be packed as everyone celebrates Celtic Fest. Celtic Festival Missoula is an annual celebration of Celtic culture, focusing on music, dance and food. The mission is to perpetuate Celtic culture and to introduce the culture to future generations in Montana. The festival presents the culture both in its historical form, and as it has evolved into new and modern forms, such as Celtic Rock. This great tradition is alive and we celebrate it with abandon through Celtic Festival Missoula.

The festival features a wide variety of performers and styles. The food vendors and their menus are selected with great care. And the best part, the festival is FREE to attend. Although you will want to bring cash for food and drinks.

The music will be fantastic this year with the Screaming Orphans performing

Also, The Tossers

And last but not least, The Young Dubliners

See you at Caras Park this weekend kicking off Friday at 5:30pm. For all the details click here.