The times they are a changing; with everyone and their mother carrying cell phones these days, it seems like any and all cell phone etiquette has gone out the window. Case in point: yesterday I was at a restaurant trying to enjoy dinner and conversation with friends while a guy at the next table over was talking on his phone. Now I may be old school and think talking on your phone in a restaurant is rude anyway, but for the love of God do you have to do it on SPEAKER?!? Seriously, this guy was having a conversation on SPEAKER PHONE in a busy restaurant. Am I crazy or is this the ultimate in RUDE?!? Movie theaters are another spot where cell phones should be left in the car, no one wants to hear your stupid ringtone in the middle of a juicy movie scene! I read an article about a cell phone signal blocking device that you can buy that will kill cell phone signals with in a certain area. I'm thinking, even though they're illegal, it may be a good investment. ...and don't even get me started on texting and driving! Do you think people have bad manners/etiquette when it comes to using cell phones? What's your biggest peeve when it comes to rude cell phone users?