An anonymous group of six able-bodied men trekked up Mount Sentinel in the middle of the night last night with over 500 feet of white construction paper, flashlights, and a purpose:

To let Missoula know that we will never forget little Cashy Hyde and all of those in our town affected by cancer.

The toddler from Missoula who created headlines with his courageous battle with brain cancer, Cash Hyde, has passed away. The Cash Hyde Foundation Facebook page reports the youngster passed away at his home in Missoula on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, the sign was taken down the first thing this morning by some unnamed individual, even though the men who constructed the sign received clearance from campus, Missoula police, and the court house. It is unclear who or why they decided to pull down the 17'x17' letters.

Thankfully, someone was able to snap the only photo of the accomplishment at the crack of dawn this morning.