I've seen my share of sunsets . . . and a few sunrises . . . but for some reason I keep missing the spaceships hovering over the Montana horizon.

Fortunately for me, and for all of mankind, Andrew Atcheson and his freind witnessed something above the Butte, MT horizon. According to the Helena Independent, "something spherical. Something glowing neon blue."

It happened during the Memorial Day weekend around 2:30 am on Monday, Atcheson was dropping off his friend near Gaylord Street and could not help but notice a glowing object about the size of a car floating above the old Montana mining town. All of a sudden, the sphere zipped away at breakneck speeds.

While Atcheson's story is still the talk of the town, he's not the only one to recently claim witness to unidentified flying objects above Butte. Below are some user submitted YouTube videos supposedly capturing other instances of unexplainable phenomenon in the area.