This past weekend a house fire up Butler Creek took the life of Steve Steadele. Not only did it take his life but it completely consumed everything he and his wife had built over 40 years of marriage. She is in great need of everything from hot pads to a couch. Please contact Midtown Church if you are able to help. You may bring items to the church or make donations as well.

According to KGVO:

Saturday evening at 6:40 a house fire was reported in the 9800 block of Butler Creek Road. Missoula County Sheriff’s Department spokesmen Jason Johnson says one man was killed in the fire, which Johnson says may have also involved an explosion of some type.

Johnson says a woman at the residence was taken to St. Patrick Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Johnson says Missoula Rural Fire Inspector Tom Ziegler is on the scene Saturday evening ascertaining what happened in the fatal fire.

We can only imagine how his wife, the extended family and friends are attempting to cope with their emotions after such a devastating incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we hope that anyone reading this can offer as much support as they hope they would receive if they were to endure such a catastrophic event.

Midtown Church is located at 1750 South Avenue West across from the Southgate Mall and can be reached at 406-829-9900.