Governor Steve Bullock was the keynote speaker at the Missoula Veterans Day ceremony at the county courthouse.

The ceremony was held inside the courthouse rotunda due to the inclement weather. Also speaking were County Commissioner Jean Curtiss, Mayor John Engen and Commander of American Legion Post 101, Dan Gallagher.

photo by Peter Christian

Curtiss told the crowd that she was wearing a long blue coat that belonged to her mother, who had sacrificed a brother during World War II.

In his remarks, Mayor Engen looked forward to the day when 17 and 18 year old young men and women would not have to go to war, and that a way must be found to make that possible.

Addressing the crowd, Gallagher related problems that many Vietnam-era veterans still experience, so much so, that he said it is possible that even more than the over 58,000 soldiers who died in combat, perhaps even more had died by their own hand, struggling with life after their military service.

Speaking to the crowd inside the courthouse rotunda, Bullock reminded them that America had made promises to those who were willing to fight for their country, and that those promises needed to be kept. He said that he would be working with the legislature to expand Medicaid services to help veterans and others receive the health care they needed.