Everyone has an artist that has inspired them to become what they are today, perhaps even shaped the core of their very existence. This is mine.

I remember the early days of the US rave scene when I first began my career as a turntable DJ. A scene that was closely guarded by purists as something exclusive to their community and their community only. If anything had even the slightest hint of corporate or mainstream appeal it was quickly rejected. And yet, somehow I was still accepted into the clique even though I was a radio announcer for a popular Top 40 radio station. I guess they just sensed my heart was in the right place and I wasn't about to bastardize them for anything or anyone because the music was just too important to me.

At around that time was when a musical group came along that just became too big to ignore by the masses, both underground and secular. One of the first groups to ever cross the boundaries of Top 40, Rock and underground was the electronic duo, The Crystal Method. Their sound was just too unique. Suddenly the energetic keyboard thrashing and midi-sampling partners in crime were thrust into the limelight, featured on MTV as the newest and hottest act and later earned a Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album in 2010. This was the group that defined my career as both a rave and radio DJ.

I've put thousands of miles on my car to see them perform countless times live, purchased every single one of their albums (while bootlegging everything else), and nearly had a heart attack when The Knitting Factory gave me the clearance to interview them backstage when they came to town last year. And now, our careers will finally intersect as we hit the stage together January 20th at The Wilma Theater.

My opening set for The Crystal Method will be a special one. Many in Missoula have seen me perform in clubs around town, and while I tend to represent mainstream music often this performance will bring me back to my roots as a rave DJ, the days I hold near and dear to my heart. It will be a style that pays homage to what I was before and how I became what I am today. This will be a moment that will easily be considered the highlight of my 20 year career. I certainly hope you can join us.

Knitting Factory Presents

The Crystal Method (DJ Set)

with Ebola Syndrome and DJ Aaron Traylor
Friday, January 20th, 2012

Doors: 8PM Show: 9PM

$20Tickets available at Rockin Rudy’s, by calling 1-877-4FLY-TIX and online at www.TicketFly.com