Police and ambulance crews responded to Brooks and McDonald streets on Wednesday afternoon after a motorcyclist lost control and crashed.

Sergeant Mike Hebert with the Missoula Police Department said the man was attempting to exit a convenience store when the accident occurred.

"The motorcyclist was exiting a convenience store near Brooks and McDonald, and on the way out of the parking lot it looks like he lost control of the bike," Hebert said. "He dumped the bike right in front of the convenience store. When we arrived on scene, onlookers were tending to the man and he was conscious. He was transported to St. Pat's, and his condition right now is unknown."

Hebert said the man was not struck by a vehicle, however, one report on the police radio stated that the man was bleeding from a head injury when the ambulance arrived.

Traffic on Brooks was backed up for over half an hour while emergency vehicles cleared the accident scene.

Sergeant Mike Hebert with the Missoula Police Department