Well it seems like the Jenner/Kardashian family love visiting Montana. Brody Jenner son of Caitlyn Jenner was ripping some lips in Montana. I all of a sudden like him a lot more. Looks like he isn't a bad fisherman.

From his Instagram posts he was staying at the legendary Paws Up resort that has seen the likes of Gwen Stefani and Leonardo DiCaprio. Brody once was on the Hills and now is hanging in the hills and getting some time away.

He even got himself a beauty on the water! A 30 inch Bull Trout isn't something you get every day so good for him and good on his guide as well. He asks what he says at the end but I can't make it out either? Now I want to go fish....

He must have caught a few fish on his trip and by checking out his Insta, he actually seems to enjoy fishing. So again I can actually enjoy him now.