It's one thing to be glued to a television screen and root on our American athletes all the way over in Russia, but wouldn't it be nice to simply take a leisurely drive down I-90 and catch a few real-life Olympians in Bozeman? Well, if the people responsible for this petition have any say in this possibility, we may likely have a potential location for the Winter 2026.According to a Montana CBS affiliate:

The Big Sky Committee for the Winter Games hopes to make a bid to bring the Winter Olympics to Bozeman in 2026.

While it's still far off, Montana athletes in this year's games are already motivating young skiers to aim high.

"I think it's pretty inspiring to any of the alpine ski athletes here in Montana just looking towards the Olympics and the U.S. Ski Team," Big Sky Ski Education Foundation Program Director, Jeremy Ueland said.

"It just helps them set their goals a little bit higher having those athletes there."

If you think about it, the climate is perfect for such an event. Yet some critics say the infrastructure of Bozeman simply doesn't accommodate such an influx of tourists, guests, and athletes.

Over to you: Do you think Bozeman would make an ideal spot for an upcoming Winter Olympic event?