A Bonner man, Michael James Brewer, was charged in Missoula Justice Court with aggravated assault, after allegedly choking his sister.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jordan Kilby said that Brewer was arrested on Sunday at his home on Potomac Loop in Bonner.

"The allegation is that he caused reasonable apprehension of serious bodily harm to his sister by strangling her," Kilby said. "She was in his house and they got into an argument when he grabbed both sides of her collar and strangled her with that,"

According to court documents, at one point, the victim thought her brother was going to kill her. The document also states that Brewer's seven year-old son witnessed the incident. The child stated that his dad got mad at Jessica and choked her. The child made an angry face, and demonstrated choking with his hands.

Finley outlined the possible penalties Brewer may face.

"The penalty for aggravated assault is 20 years in prison and a possible $50,000 fine," she said.

Judge Karen Orzech set bail at $25,000, and remanded Brewer back to the Missoula County Jail. If released, he is to undergo a mental health evaluation.