Okay, if you're like me then you binge watch Netflix/HBO series like it's your job! Haha But hey, winters are really long in Missoula so you've got to find something to fill your time!

So if you find yourself needing a distraction, binge watch your heart out with these titles!


  • 1

    Gilmore Girls

    Come on! Who doesn't love these two fast talking girls?! You have a couple days to catch up before the revival series release on November 25th!

  • 2

    Friday Night Lights

    "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose." - Coach Taylor

  • 3

    Stranger Things

    It's amazing how one girl named after a number can change the world. This series will blow your mind! #Eleven

  • 4

    Gossip Girl

    This series of catty chick fights and super high fashion never gets old. You know you love it! - XOXO Gossip Girl

    Pool/ Angela Weiss, Getty Images
  • 5

    Game of Thrones

    If you haven't gotten into this show yet then you literally know less than Jon Snow... and he doesn't know anything! #WinterIsComing... but seriously winter is coming!

  • 6

    Criminal Minds

    Okay let's me honest... we're all a little obsessed/fascinated by serial killers! So you gotta love our favorite FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) members who always catch their bad guy!

  • 7

    Greys Anatomy

    (*SPOILER ALERT*) Watch until they kill McDreamy! Then the series goes down hill fast!

  • 8


    Lets be honest, we all wanted to be apart of this friend group! They are and will forever be my #FriendGoals

  • 9


    This is seriously the most screwed up family in America. Mainly because of one man named Frank. Haha But this series is amazing and so funny but you have to have a really good sense of humor. Do NOT watch this series if you get easily offended! NOT appropriate for kids! Haha

  • 10

    The Crown

    This series about Queen Elizabeth is so well done and it will absolutely blow you away! A must watch for sure!