Just like ladies have their "girl night" or "girl's weekend" us guys like to do the same thing. Every year before the baseball season kicks off, a group of my buddies and brothers get together for our annual Fantasy Baseball Draft!

We start the barbecue a little after noon and the smack talk begins. It doesn't matter whether you were in first of last last year, because it's a whole new season and anything can happen. For the first few hours everyone is just trash talking but there always seem to be a few league players that are trying to pull off a big trade on draft day. As you can tell I get really excited for this each year.

My wife along with all the other wives who have husbands in the "League of Champions" (Yes, that's the name of our league) have their own 'Fantasy Baseball Widow's Club'. The good news about the ladies get together is that they all know for the next few months, it's about winning in fantasy baseball.

I cannot wait until Saturday, it will be a long drive to Seattle, but well worth it!