Over the weekend my extended family grew! I got a new Nephew and he is so adorable. I have known he was on the way for a while but he just got to finally come home. Meet nine week old Schnauzer 'Cortez'!

Photo courtesy of John Jenkins

My oldest nephew Colby had to prove for many weeks that he could handle the responsibility of a puppy by keeping his room clean. I can guarantee his room was the cleanest on the block, and finally his hard work paid off. So far Cortez has been incredibly smart, even waiting by the door ninety percent of the time for his paws to be wiped off before walking back inside the house. There are some struggles that he is working through, but I think those will be taken care of at an upcoming vet appointment where he will be fixed.

I couldn't be happier for Colby and for the new addition to the family!