Everyone has a nosy spouse or a suspicious kid. No matter what you do, these crafty kin folk always seem to be able to guess where you’ve hidden their presents. It’s horrible to go through all the trouble of finding them the perfect gift only to have them always seem to be able to ruin it. Well, we’ve got a list of some great hiding places to help you solve this little problem. http://voices.yahoo.com/top-10-christmas-gift-hiding-places-4987172.html

  • Decoration boxes

    Why put away all your Christmas decorating boxes empty when you could be filling them with presents that no one will know are there. The kids and your spouse just helped you empty them when trimming the tree and decorating the house. Usually no one is eager to help with the cleanup, so offer to do it and get a great present hiding place in the process.

    Photo courtesy of super-structure/flickr
  • The garage

    If your garage looks like mine, than you probably wouldn’t have any trouble finding an old bin or box to hide those presents in. You could even hide them in the empty camping cooler in your garage. I guarantee your kids aren’t going to volunteer to clean the garage in the winter, so your secret spot will be safe. Just don’t forget which boxes or bins you hid them in.

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  • Someone else’s house

    If the presents are not in your house for your kids to find, then you’ve won. But don’t you think that takes some of the fun out of it? I might even consider that cheating. But, you are the parent, so you can do whatever you want.

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  • Garbage bag

    This one is a bit sneaky. Go through your closet or your kids’closet and set aside things to be donated. Secretly put the presents in the bottom of the bags. You could hide their presents in their own rooms, without them having a clue.

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  • In plain sight

    I’ve never done this, but it would be fun to try. Simply switch the name tags on the gifts. When one of your kids is expecting a large present and your other child’s name is on it, they will both be thoroughly confused. Be sure to let them know that all the nametags were switched come Christmas day, so they still have the joy of opening their own presents and not their siblings.

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