Zoo FM delivers to you a list of some of the best of the best Missoula has to offer.

  • Best Sandwiches in Missoula

    Want to know who has the absolute finest sandwiches in Zootown? Read on...but be prepared to get hungry.

  • Best Places To Study in Missoula

    Here are some suggestions to help you to be a “successful” student. Those not in school may appreciate this list to help them find good places to catch up on work, read or just hang out.

  • Best Coffee in Missoula

    We went around our offices to see what kind of java is keeping our jocks alert all day. Here is what we discovered…

  • Best Cheap Restaurants in Missoula

    Let’s say you’ve only got $10.00 and you want to make it stretch for lunch. Where, in Missoula, can you get the most food for you buck? Here is our Top 10 list of where we think you can fill up for less.

  • Best Freebies in Missoula

    We don't always have cash in our pockets. Luckily, a handful of Missoula establishments have taken good deals to the next level by offering goods and services at a 100-percent discount.

  • Best Places to Sled in Missoula

    Sledding is a great way to spend a snowy day in Missoula. Check out some great places to fly down a hill.

  • Best Places to Meet Singles in Missoula

    Do yourself a favor...stop thinking you are going to find that special someone at a bar. Try a few of these places in stead.

  • Best Places in Missoula to Have a Bachelorette Party

    Without question, Missoula is the ultimate destination for your bachelorette party. This energetic college town not only offers the most thriving nightlife but it also features a wide variety of outdoor adventures and leisure activities.

  • Best Places In Western Montana to Have a Bachelor Party

    To be fair to the guys, we stole this list of area outings for bachelor parties from our sister station 96.3 The Blaze.

  • Best Places to Take Your Dog in Missoula

    We are a dog-loving city for sure! Have you taken your pooch to all these places yet?

  • Best Local Beers In Missoula

    Missoula has some of the best micro brews in the Northwest. Here are Missoula's 5 favorite.

  • Best Viral Photos About Missoula

    Here are the top 5 funniest viral photos about Missoula.

  • Best Places in Missoula to Beat The Heat

    Where does one go to stay cool when the temperatures are cresting 100 degrees? Here’s a few ideas on places in the Missoula area to help you cool down this season.

  • Best Pizza Places in Missoula

    Missoulian's love their pizza and here are some of the best pizza places in town.

  • Best Places to Hike Around Missoula

    Missoula residents hike more than they walk, and with so many hidden valleys, mountains, lakes, and wildlife to discover, hiking never gets old. Here’s our top five  hikes in Missoula.

  • Best Burritos in Missoula

    There are many awesome burrito places tucked away in the Garden City. Which ones should you be spending your hard-earned money on?

  • Best Local Swimming Holes

    Summer is right around the corner and before you know it you will be looking to go for a swim.