Last week we shared our DJ's opinions of the best cup of coffee in the Missoula area, and now we turn it over to our to Facebook fans to give us their valuable input. Here's where our fans think the best coffee in Missoula resides:

Michelle Mikolas The Good Food Store has GREAT coffee.

Lisa Leprowse Starbucks of course!!!!

Jamie Gilcrease-Heupel I'm a Black Horse junkie!!

Amber Toulouse Lighthouse Espresso!

Jen Emery I vote good food store!!! THE BEST ICED SOY MOCHA in town. Yum!

Herk Hanna Florence Coffee Company.. hands down.

Lizzie Montgomery Yep, gonna have to go with Florence Coffee Company. A zebra single shot mocha with whipped cream is where its at.

Roger McDonald University Center Market

Becca Kimmel Florence Coffee Company... Or Lighthouse :)

Are there any other coffee shops in Missoula that deserve a nod? Continue the conversation in the comments below. And don't forget to "like" us on Facebook so you can be a part of future topics!

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