We've recently covered the Best Place To Go On A First Date, the Best Cheap Restaurants in Missoula and now it's time to share our personal opinions on the best place in town to grab a cup of coffee! Our jocks are total caffeine junkies (how else can we be on the air and on the streets so often?) so I went around the building today to see what kind of java is keeping them up and alert all day. Here is what I discovered...


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1. Liquid Planet

The variety of coffee is superb, but Liquid Planet is more than just coffee. There downtown location is a veritable cornucopia of chocolates, pastries, and a fantastic selection of wine! It's location is also the perfect place to meet your friends since it's so centrally located in the heart of downtown Missoula. Don't forget about their drive-thru location in the Mullan Station parking lot!

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2.  Break Espresso

Again, it's not just the coffee (which by the way is strong and fantastic!) that makes us keep coming back for more. The laid back atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the customer service is quick and very courteous. Another great meeting ground for downtown 9 to 5'rs and UM students alike. A perfect place to unwind after the weekends Farmers Market as well.

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3. Bernice's Bakery

Bernice's is the home of Montana made Hunter Bay coffee. A little spice with a hint of berry blended together makes for a perfect full-bodied coffee experience. Like their website says, "Try a cup – you may never be satisfied with a regular cup of coffee again!"

4. Loose Caboose

Great coffee, speedy service. Get in, get out, get on your way! Anyone driving down Brooks street that needs a fix should really swing through and try Loose Caboose. PS. They serve great iced drinks in the summer, too!

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5. Cafe Dolce'

More than just coffee. It's a luxurious experience both in their Southgate Mall location and it's stand alone location further down Brooks street heading towards the Hip Strip. The cups are bountiful and filled to the brim, the taste of their home brew is smooth with a glorious aroma. Perhaps another candidate for the "Best Place To Go On A First Date"?

So there you have it! These are the Missoula coffee shops that keep our jocks bright eyed and bushy tailed all day. Are there some other shops in town that you'd like to recommend to us? Leave us your suggestions in the comments below.

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