Yesterday we asked where in Missoula could you get a great meal on the cheap. Assuming you just had $10 bucks for a meal, where would you go? Here's the list of where we personally thought you should go, but then we had some Facebook friends who decided to chime in with some of their personal opinions:

Kevin Hauge Staggering ox.

Whitney Jarosch taco sano!!!!!! yum yum yummmmmm

Molly Elizabeth Johnson Honey Teriyaki!

Alexander Gosline El Diablo!

Michael Peres Rubys

Karisa Vaillancourt me and my bestie go to the mustard seed and get the almond chicken dinner with water to drink and split the tab.. $7.49 each :)

Tara Houde Break Time Deli! Doublefront is always a good choice too :-)

Sarah Grimley Paul's Pancake Parlor!

Anthony Turner china buffett, double front chicken, taco del mar

Beth Peterson Fiesta en jalisco

Tom McCarthy My House. Wait - I don't live in Missoula... Never mind.

Quinn Kessler Two sliders at James bar 8 bucks split huge fries with friends 10 even. Without tip. But gourmet food fairly cheap.

Penny Smith El Cazador, Taco Del Sol, Noodle Express

Christine Tolhurst honey teriyaki express, taco del mar, double front chicken, noodle express,del's place, hoagieville,greek gyros, wardens deli, lisas pasty pantry, pail's pancake parlor, pita pit, taco del sol, uptown diner...I could go on lol

Christine Tolhurst i meant that to say "paul's pancake parlor"

Jenna Ketchem Damnit Chrissie, now I want a Worden's sandwich! *hugs*

Della Wilson Weds prime rib special at the Forrest lounge!! 7.50 for one. It's the only reason I can get put of bed on weds!

Danielle Renee LaPlante Darancette The shack!

Mark Oliver Williams Huhot

Jinann Samir Bitar FRONT STREET PASTA & WRAPS. I have lived here forever and I love eating. :) $6 gets you a bowl of your choice. The best.

Amy Moore Taco Del Sol...

Are their any other places that our audience forgot to add to our list?Share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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