Let's say you've only got $10.00 and you want to make it stretch for lunch. Where, in Missoula, can you get the most food for you buck? Here is our Top 10 list of where we think you can fill up for less (keep in mind, in no particular order).

1.Pita Pit

This is one of our favorites for a number of reasons. A.) It's cheap B.) It's healthy and C.) It's open super late!

2.El Diablo

Trust me, you will NOT walk away hungry. The variety of their menu is the best of any taco stand. Huge flour or wheat tortillas stuffed with your choice of chicken, beef, or steak. A quick and filling lunch destination.

3.Pauls Pancake Parlor

Even if you went to Paul's every day for breakfast and wanted a new flavor of pancakes each time you visited, you would still not be able to get the full Pancake Parlor experience. So much variety! A hometown favorite since 1963.

4.Taco Sano

I finally had a bite to eat here last week and fell in love. It's a bit tucked away off of the Hip Strip behind Holiday Gas but it's well worth discovering. It's super inexpensive, and the burritos are crammed full of all of the ingredients any Mexican food lover would desire.

5. Ruby's Cafe

From breakfast all the way through dinner, Ruby's has you covered. A Missoula tradition for decades, Ruby's will always keep their prices low enough for anyone to be able to afford most anything on their menu.

6. Staggering Ox.

Unique is probably an understatement. To say the least! Their sandwiches (can-wiches?) are the most inventive portable food items in the city. Just make sure to save room for  the "bread guts" with ranch.

7. China Buffet

Wanna eat? I mean, do you REALLY want to eat? You may have to push the table out a bit from your chair. This buffet is quite possibly the biggest and best in town. You know they serve American food there as well, right?

8. Freemo's Pizza OUT OF BUSINESS (updated 10/1/2013)

Easily the cheapest buffet in Missoula. For much less than 10 bucks you can afford an all-you-can-eat pizza fest, along with salad and pasta, too! They even take special pizza requests. May I recommend the BBQ all meat pizza?

9. Noodle Express

Their noodle and rice bowls are HUGE! Plus the atmosphere at their Broadway location is awesome. I'm looking forward to the summer time so I can enjoy my chicken rice bowl with extra soy sauce on their outdoor patio.

10. Double Front Chicken

Last but certainly not least! I can't claim to be the Double Front expert here, simply because I've never eaten there yet (anyone wanna swing a bucket by my studio?), but our town just seems to be just nuts about their chicken!

There you go, penny pinchers! These are just a few suggestions that we recommend if you are short on cash. Are there any restaurants that you'd like to recommend that maybe didn't make it on our list? What are your top 10 cheapest restaurants in Missoula? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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