Dear Christian Bale,

Some of your biggest fans on Facebook, and in the hospital, are urging you to come out of your bat cave and visit the ones affected by last night's horrific Colorado shooting.

A gentleman by the name of Johnathan Jared Adams made this request earlier today, and it may not a bad idea. Maybe.

Long story short, many people are hoping that the actor who portrayed Batman in "The Dark Knight Rises" will visit the injured children from the shooting that ruined the lives of many people. Granted, some have mentioned that perhaps meeting the actual Batman may traumatize the victims even further, but some on the other hand may actually appreciate it.

Either way, it's just another way that America and Hollywood can join forces in an attempt to heal the wounds of a tragic event. And while Warner Brothers and even Obama himself have sent out public expressions of condolences, perhaps this appearance by the superhero in the center of it all could bring a mild amount of comfort to those in need.

I don't know. Just a thought. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Discuss in the comment section below.