As reported by the Great Falls Tribune, an 18-month-old baby got away from his family on July 9th and ended up in Warm Spring Creek.

Thankfully, a 42-year-old woman named Darci who is originally from nearby Lewistown, and who now lives in Washington, was vacationing near the creek with her family. She was preparing to head back to their cabin when she saw something float by, and it turned out to be a little boy named Kaden.

Darci called to her parents to call for help and told her children to move away from the water as she jumped in to save little Kaden. When she reached him he was unconscious, luckily, Darci is a teacher and former lifeguard and is skilled in CPR.

Kaden's panicked family met up at Darci's cabin and his mom rode with the family to paramedics as Darci helped Kaden regain consciousness. He was then life flighted to a hospital where he was reported to be OK and without any brain damage.

Darci earned herself a "Life Saving Award" which has never been given to a civilian in Montana before. She is certainly a hero and Kaden's family will never forget her.