Sometime during the past week, from March 30-April 6, Missoula County Sheriff's Department spokesman Jason Johnson said some one stole a 4 by 6 foot fire danger sign from it's location on Big Flat Road, near O'Brien Creek Road.

Johnson said, "it's fairly new, only about a year old and in great condition, with a value of about $500." "It looks like somebody just ripped it out of the ground," Johnson said, "and the posts and everything are all gone."

Johnson said, "it's 4x6 and fairly large, so it would really stick out." "If some kid's got this hanging on his bedroom wall," Johnson added, "we'd sure like to hear from his parents."

If you have any information as the the location of the missing sign, please call Crimestoppers at 721-44-44.

Missoula County Sheriff spokesman Jason Johnson