Wood products industry leaders and business owners are lining up this week to meet with a delegation of buyers from China and Korea who are visiting the area through the auspices of the Montana World Trade Center.

Trade center director Arnie Sherman said Thursday that the delegation was in Northern Idaho earlier this week, and their checkbooks were out to purchase wood products to send back home.

Sherman said the buyers "represent more than $300 million in annual lumber imports from markets across the globe".  He said because of tightening supplies in Russia and parts of China, these buyers are hungry for quality wood products of all kinds, from dimensional lumber to landscaping timbers, to anything that would cover the forest, timber and wood products industry. He said "they are ready to buy if the supply is there and the price is right".

Sherman said there will be a reception Friday at 6 p.m. for the business community to meet the trade delegation at the University of Montana school of business.

Montana World Trade Center Director Arnie Sherman