Streets rumble, windows shatter and the firmament rises. Cold steel and rebar shall sprout from deep, hungry fissures. Fear not the mighty beast that approaches to spew style and frost upon the teeming masses, the Chamberlin Rail Jam this way comes. The annual eruption of unequivocal skills is primed and ready to climb above the clouds to its own tremulous war cry. Let us echo this cry together as shredders and shreddettes hone their bones upon the stark framework of rails, and slice the electric mountain air.
This year’s competition is presented by Big Sky Resort and set to crush the expectations of the past four years into fine pink goo. Two days of hip hop, electronic, riding, giveaways, bonfires, hot tubs, bar specials, video games and a huge rail-sliding colossus transformatron await those smart enough to attend.

MARCH 9th and 10th, 2012


2012 VIP PASS $40
*Admission to 2012 Rail Jam *Access to VIP Area *Heated *Furnished *Free Beer with Valid ID *Private *Cash Bar with Valid ID *Private viewing platform overlooking venue


Advance Tickets $20

Artist set times are subject to change without notice.****Rail, Snow or Shine. No refunds, No exceptions.