You might wish everything that has been going on at The University of Montana was a really bad April fools prank. To help take your mind off the mess I’ve scoured the web ( for some of the best April fools pranks. Enjoy!

  1. Replace the lotion in someone’s favorite lotion bottle with mayo.
  2. Place a note on your neighbor’s car that says “sorry about the dent” and include a fake name and phone number. Hide nearby so you can watch your neighbor look for the dent.
  3. Attach an old leash and collar to the bumper of your wife’s car before going somewhere. Watch the reaction of the other drivers on the road!
  4. Tell your friend you learned a new trick. Balance a full opened can of beer on the back of your hand (not the palm). Then bet your friend that they can’t balance a can on both hands at the same time. As soon as you get the glasses balanced on both of your friend’s hands, walk out of the room. They will have to spill the beer in order to free their hands!
  5. Scoop the top inch out of someone’s deodorant, then take cream cheese and put it in the deodorant container being sure to shape it to look like the deodorant you just took out. Put the top back on the container and wait!
  6. Put a pad of butter on a plate and let it get soft. Tell your friend you learned something new, that salt poured on butter creates heat. Demonstrate by pouring salt on the butter and holding your hand over it and pretend you feel heat. As soon as your friend tries to feel the heat, slam their hand into the butter!
  7. Seal off a doorway with plastic wrap and then close the door. When your husband tries to walk through it he will bounce right off!
  8. Put a little ink or paint on your finger. Go to your friend and tell them you see a something on their face. Tell them you will rub it off, but really put a mark on their face. Pretend you got the mark off their face then walk away.
  9. If you are a woman in a relationship, this will make your boyfriend/husband sweat. Buy a pair of fancy girlie panties and put them in your hubby/boyfriends car. When the two of you are going somewhere, find the panties and make a huge scene. Eventually tell him the truth.
  10. Ladies, if you’re really cruel, find a pregnant lady and have her pee on a pregnancy test. Then take the positive test home and show it to your husband. Enjoy the freak out!

I hope you have enjoyed these pranks and have found at least one that you can use on someone this April Fools Day!

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.