Did you know you could have a bunch of messages in your Facebook inbox that you don't even know about?  When people who you are not friends with on Facebook send you a message, they go to the 'Other' folder. Many people don't know about that folder because you can't access it on your smart phone app.

To see these messages you need to log in to Facebook on an actual computer, or log in on your phone but not through the app, and click on the icon at the top for your messages, it's to the right of the new friend requests icon. Then you will see the two folders, 'Inbox' and 'Other'. The messages in your 'Other' folder are likely about 75% spam, but sometimes you'll find some goodies in there, especially if you've never checked it.

When I took my year off from The Blaze, I checked my 'Other' folder for the very first time and discovered some really excellent emails from you guys that had been sitting in there for almost a year. I've also found some gems in there from bands who responded to messages I sent to their Facebook accounts.

I turned some girlfriends on to the 'Other' folder this week and every one of them was amazed by what they found.

Check your 'Other' folder and let me know if you find anything rad.