Having a case of the Mondays? Imagine if you could put on a pair of glasses and turn your crappy office into a video game. It may be here sooner than you think. The company Magic Leap has recently secured a $542 million dollar investment from Google, to develop augmented reality glasses. Glasses that can allow you to not only check email and watch YouTube, but also play games. Check out the short teaser video, called "Just Another Day in the Office."

According to Daily Mail

The Florida-based company was meant to show at the TED conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, this week, but mysteriously cancelled its appearance.

Its system is currently one of the most highly-anticipated, and secretive, virtual reality glasses in development.

Last month, the company revealed some details about its augmented reality glasses - although it appears the technology still needs a full trolley of parts to work.

The 3D system operates by shining images on the retina, creating an augmented reality which combines fictional characters with the real world.