Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen said that the major data breach suffered by insurance giant Anthem, may not affect many Montanans.

Spokeswoman Jennifer McKee said even though Anthem bills itself as the nation's second largest health insurer, the company does not sell health insurance in Montana.

"There are a handful of individuals in Montana with insurance through Anthem who are employed by large national businesses," McKee said. "We've encouraged those few people to contact us at 1-800-332-6148 if they have any particular questions.  Anthem will be contacting their own customers if they haven't already."

McKee said Anthem does sell some kinds of insurance in Montana, primarily homeowners policies, in addition to a small number of life insurance policies.

"By and large, we really dodged a bullet on this one, and we feel very fortunate," she said. "No major health insurance carriers in Montana have been hacked in the same manner to my knowledge."

Anyone with questions about protecting themselves against this kind of attack is encouraged to contact the Office of the State Insurance Commissioner at 1-800-332-6148.