The young woman who has accused suspended University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson of sexual intercourse without consent has concluded her testimony.

Sandwiched in between portions of her testimony, a forensic psychologist from Massachusetts, David Lisak, took the stand as an 'educational witness.' Lisak testified that the way victims can behave after being sexually assaulted can differ from individual to individual.

Lisak testified at that time because he had a plane to catch on Friday, and the state was paying his $325 per hour fee, so the court accommodated his schedule.

Following Lisak, and a brief recess, the young woman retook the stand. Defense attorney David Paoli brought the young woman back to statements she had made in various texts in which she wrote the situation was 'driving me crazy' or 'giving me crazy thoughts.' Paoli then placed a large notebook before the woman containing 29,000 texts, and asked her if there were any specific messages she wanted to go over.

Joel Thompson Assistant Attorney General then asked the woman why she did not scream during the alleged rape. She replied that 'she was not prepared to have a confrontation with Johnson, and that she just wanted him gone.'

Thompson wrapped up his redirect examination by asking the alleged victim questions such as: are you here because there was no snuggling after sex? Answer, no. Are you here because you wanted to date a Grizzly quarterback? Answer, no. Do you enjoy being a victim? Answer, no.

She ended by saying she came forward because she believed Johnson was not being held accountable.

Paoli concluded by telling the young woman that the investigations, the questions, the invasion of her privacy are to ensure 'that the words that you use at different times along the way are accurate and conform with that which you tell this jury.'

Joel Thompson with alleged victim

David Paoli with alleged victim

Previous Testimony From Alleged Victim


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