Adam Savage, crazy engineer and one of the forces behind Discovery's long-running 'Mythbusters', seems to have gotten obsessed with ducks. So obsessed, in fact, that he made them into a bomb. Just... not the kind you might be thinking.

In case you forgot, a plastic squeaky duck toy became the latest viral sensation back in August, when YouTube Kevin Synnes uploaded a video of himself pushing down on a cart filled with plastic squeaking ducks. The squeaking ducks responded with a sound resembling a battle cry.

Many new vines and videos have been created using he screams of these inanimate ducks... like this one:

One of the creators who took to these ducks was Adam Savage, who made his first duck bomb back in September. It looked like this:

But! Today, Savage finished a new and improved version of the duck bomb, with more duck screaming power than ever. Check it out!

Of course, engineers aren't the only people who have been having fun with the Duck Army. I'm personally a pretty big fan of this Taylor Swift Duck Remix.