I remember seeing the teaser photos of this real grizzly bear inside our University of Montana football field all over my Facebook timeline when they were taping this. It caused for many excited reactions ranging from "WHAT?" to "Go Griz!" to "Seriously...WHAT THE HECK?!!?" Still, even though the some photos surfaced, the reason remained a mystery. That is until now...

"Grizzly Guy," better known as Casey Anderson (originally from Helena) recently got permission from the University of Montana Athletic Department to take a real live grizzly onto the field of Washington-Grizzly Stadium. I mean, yeah. It makes sense, it is, after all "Home of the Grizzlies."

(Can you imagine how that conversation went? "Hi, I'm a filmmaker hoping to let a wild ferocious animal loose inside your football arena. Can I get your permission?" ...[long pause]... "I mean, I'll clean up after him once we're done!"...[longer pause]...)

Well, somehow he got clearance... I'm guessing the only clause he had to abide to was NOT setting him free during a home game. But still, it's pretty amazing. And the best part? The footage aired tonight, Oct. 3 on "America the Wild" on the Nat Geo Wild channel! Do a search on your cable box and set to record if you see the episode airing again soon.