Meet Tim Parks, or perhaps you already have! Tim can be seen on the sidelines at most Missoula Phoenix games as their defensive coach and also the guy who checks your ID before you enter the Elbow Room. Tim is on a mission to head overseas and help the impoverished community of Cape Town, Africa with the assistance of our local Mission Builders. "I got a big opportunity to be shipped overseas to help bring food, water and shelter to those that are less fortunate."

107.5 fans have always supported efforts like this. If you recall, PrinceJaeO of Exigh requested the same assistance a few years back and his mission was an absolute success as you can see in this brief Youtube video.

"But see, the thing is, this mission costs money and that's why I'm hoping to get the assistance from our city for such a great cause", Tim continues, "Every little bit is very appreciated. Let's see what Missoula can do to offer the help to those who might need it."

Imagine a town without clean water, little to no food and shelters that are barely enough to sustain a healthy family. You CAN make a difference. And Tim knows exactly how to help you do just that:

"Just friend me on Facebook and I'll make sure your donations go to the proper channels. Also, if you want more information about this mission and others just visit"