This Sunday, we have what amounts to "the company party for the people who worked at your company party."


It's an annual tradition, a chance to give Missoula service industry people a night to go out and party and enjoy themselves because we're all working the holidays. In fact, we work more while everybody else is off. This yearly event is always a huge hit as the workers finally get to join the party instead of hosting it.


And you can't have a party for the service industry people without inviting DJs and bands to perform. This weekend it's the legendary band known as The Slip in the main room, and The Tallest DJ in America holding down the back stage with a mix of hip hop and electronic.

We will countdown the New Year again for those who didn't have a chance to celebrate in the beginning of the month, and at the strike of midnight someone in the audience is winning a trip to Las Vegas!

The Elbow Room Bartender's New Years Party usually brings in more than 200 people, even when the weather is nasty.

Oh, wait. Did you get the impression that I was talking about a party to which you were not invited? My bad! Of course, you are welcome. There is no cover charge.

But you better be on your best behavior. Nobody hates an obnoxious drunk more than a bartender. And this Sunday at the Elbow Room, is going to be wall-to-wall with them. After slaving away for months while everyone is enjoying some holiday time off, just remember, it's not long now until you can all breathe a sigh of relief & come and let your hair down at the Elbow Room for their Bartenders New Year bash on January 20th!!!