With the Griz/Bobcat game right around the corner, this month will be a competitive time for divided houses that reveal the dumb bets they have to do when their teams play.

One of the families in my neighborhood is a Griz/Bobcats house, which most times of the year is no big deal...but during the big game, this husband and wife bet embarrassing tasks for the loser to perform. Griz fan guy has to wear red lipstick to work if they lose, Bobcats fan wife had to stand next to homeless ramp beggar with a sign that read: Never bet against the Griz--I did.

Normally a Griz/Bobcats house is filled with good natured ribbing, but when they play each other, tensions get high, and can escalate quickly...I wouldn't be surprised if someone, someday gets killed with a home furnishing or beer can...

Do you have divided house? How has it effected the family? Ever come close to ruining your family?

Join us for the Rally in the Valley viewing party of the away “Brawl of the Wild” Griz/Cat game featuring big screen TVs and couches, heated areas, HD satellite feed of the game, food vendors, libations, friends, pre-game tunes from the Tallest DJ in America, live commentary from Peter Christian, and cheering the Griz on to victory! There will be a 50/50 raffle with a portion of the proceeds supporting Missoula Food Bank (winner will be announced during the 2:00 warning during the fourth quarter), which will be collecting food for the Can the Cats food drive competition.


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