Want to be a hit at your Halloween bash this year? I have some fun party ideas that will make you look like a rock star, cool, young Martha Stewart, sans her snobby demeanor and old lady sweaters.

While this might look difficult, it’s not. I PROMISE! It just takes a little time, some planning and a can do attitude. (If I can do this, you can too.)

I moved to Missoula last fall. I didn’t have many friends, and besides a job, not a lot going on. I decided that throwing a cool party would help me get to know my co-workers a little better outside the office setting.

  • Pumpkin Invitations

    I invited everyone with hand painted, cardboard pumpkins I bought from Michaels. Inside I placed a sparkly sticker and filled it up with candy. I put all the details of the party on the back. B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pumpkin).

    Tiffany Madison
  • Halloween Wreath

    My guests were greeted at the door with this boo-ifulI wreath. I started with a plain Styrofoam wreath, picked out some cool ribbon, used some pins to secure the ribbon and added some fun Halloween ornaments.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Fang-Tinis

    These are Dracula approved. I mixed to taste Cherry Schnapps and my favorite vodka. (You could also use a Grape Schnapps for a morbid look.)

    In some fun glasses, (I didn’t have enough martini classes so I improvised) I took red gel frosting and dripped it around the edge to look like dripping blood. I finished it off by dropping in some cheap colored fangs. (I purchased a pack of 20 at Wal-Mart.) My friends and I decided to have some fun with them later and pose for pictures.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Drunken Worms

    These are THE best for ANY party your throw! They will be a HUGE hit! You need to start them two to three days before you plan to serve them.

    Get your favorite gummies. (The sugar-free kind work best as they soak up more vodka then the regular gummies.) Lay out the gummies flat in a glass baking dish, cover with vodka. (I used cotton candy flavored vodka.) Cover tightly with plastic wrap, stick it in the freezer and in a couple days they will be the delicacy of your party. The day of your party, divvy up the gummies in small containers (the same ones you use to make Jell-O shots in). Make sure you keep any leftover vodka. It tastes great and you can use it in the Fang-Tinis!

    Tiffany Madison
  • Halloween Brew (non-alcoholic)

    Just mix Hi-C and 7-Up/Sprite. You can even drop in some candy eyeballs for a little extra umph.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Snazzy Caramel Apples

    I jazzed up the traditional caramel apple.... After coating the apples with delish caramel, I used crushed up almonds, sparkly sprinkles, chocolate covered raisins, candy corn... Use your imagine and create a whole new combo.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse

    The candy corn cheesecake I piped inside of slender shot glasses looked posh and are SO simple!

    Tiffany Madison
  • Cemetery Pudding

    I used Milano cookies for the tombstone inside the cemetery pudding. I wrote RIP with a paintbrush and liquid food coloring.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Spider Web Pizza

    I ran out of time to put the finishing touches on the spider web pizza. If you have time (and the patience), you can use a black olive as the spider on the web

    Tiffany Madison
  • Mini Mummies

    These mini mummies didn't sit around to become mummified. They were the first finger food to be polished off.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Jack O'Lantern Fruit Cups

    This is an easy and simple idea for your kids to help you with. Take the cheap-o, no name peach/mandarin orange cups, grab a black permanent marker and start drawing.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Ghostly Strawberries

    Who can resist the sweet temptation of a chocolate covered ghostly strawberry?

    Tiffany Madison
  • Witch's Finger

    How weird does this witch's finger look?! I used cocoa powder for the dark color around the knuckles.

    Tiffany Madison
  • Chocolate Fingers

    I used a chocolate mold I bought at Michaels to make these happen. I used a paint brush to brush in the different colors.

    I put these in a cup and filled the cup with candy corn to help the fingers stand up straight.

    Tiffany Madison