Since 1921, the University of Montana Bookstore has been catering to every college student's needs.

Whether you are buying books, the latest Griz apparel, or a package of pencils, the bookstore has what every Griz fan is in search of — maroon and silver galore.

As part of our Seize the Deal Missoula Online Auction, which begins Friday, July 19, the bookstore provided us with a gift basket valued at $500 that includes a dozen $30 gift cards, plus a Griz Camelback water bottle, a Griz pint glass, and much more.  As you can tell, despite the bookstore's deceiving name, books aren't the only things you will find at the University of Montana Bookstore! Here's a list of five things you can get at the bookstore other than books:

  • 1

    Home Is Where the Heart Is

    These Montana necklaces have become super popular over the past year or so, and I can't say I disagree as to why. They are lead and nickel free, way cute, and SO simple! They are also a great gift idea, too!

    Photo courtesy of Shannon Hollman Photography
  • 2

    The Artistic Side

    The bookstore also offers an exclusive art department with the highest quality of materials. It's run by professional artists who can help guide you through purchasing the best materials, and maybe offer some advice too.

    Photo courtesy of the University of Montana Bookstore
  • 3

    Call the Jewelry Store and Tell 'Em Make Me a Grill

    Are you the ultimate Griz fan? I don't think you have the right to claim that you are until you are wearing this set of chompers. One size fits all for these bad boys, and if you aren't familiar with removable teeth, instructions are included.

    Photo courtesy of the University of Montana Bookstore
  • 4

    Hats for Any Occassion

    You never know when you might need one, but I bet a surgical cap may come in handy some day. And when you do need it, you'll have a Griz themed one to ensure that everything runs smoothly while wearing it — whether you're actually performing surgery, or just hanging out watching TV. The best part? It's machine washable. Surgical caps aren't the only hats the bookstore has to offer, though. Baseball caps and snap backs consume the bookstores shelves as well, so don't be shy!

    Photo courtesy of the University of Montana Bookstore
  • 5

    Where's Peter Cottontail?

    Okay, are these not the cutest things you've ever seen? These handmade leather bunny slippers are located in the Montana Shop section of the bookstore. Made in Corvallis, the elastic sewn-in backs ensure that those little dancing feet will stay in place. HOW CUTE!

    Photo courtesy of the University of Montana Bookstore