You may look at this list and think that many of them are cliches. However, they are only cliches because they are true. Everything on this list is truely what mothers want. I know, as a mother of four that I would love to get any and all of these things for Mother’s day.

  • Peace and Quiet

    Yes, we love our kids, but we also love a little peace and quiet now and then. Your lovely wife can’t seem to go to the bathroom without a small child reaching his hands under the door, crying because he wants to come in. A wonderful cheap present you could give your wife is the gift of a bubble bath alone for an hour without any kids crying on the other side of the door.

  • Chocolate

    No matter if your wife is on a diet, or even if she claims not to like the dark temptress that is chocolate, she wants it. Every woman loves chocolate. I’m pretty sure that there is something about loving chocolate built into the second chromosome.

  • Date Night

    Of course you might want to do this on another day, since mother’s day is about the kids too, but every wife wants her husband’s undivided attention every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a dress up and go out all night date. It could just simply be an hour or two coffee date at your favorite coffee shop.

  • Massage

    I know it’s one of those luxuries, but it is totally worth it. Nothing will help momma relax more than a nice hour-long, full-body massage. Afterall, Mother’s Day is only once a year, and doesn’t mom deserve it for all the other things she does the other 364 days a year?

  • Hair Date

    Women love getting a new hairstyle, but even if your lovely bride has had the same style for years, she could always use a nice trim or a color touch-up. Your wife will come home with a new do that will make her feel like a brand new woman.