It's going to get hot in Missoula! Trust me, after the rain subsides their will be scorching temperatures to endure. Where does one go to stay cool when the temperatures are cresting 100 degrees? Here's a few ideas on places in the Missoula area to help you cool down this season:

1. Splash Montana

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Hands down the best theme park in the entire city. If you enjoy the excitement of twisty water slides or just want to lazily float down the river pool, Splash is where a majority of people will go to get wet and wild this summer.

2. Bonner Park

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Nestled in a quaint mid-town neighborhood, this block-sized attraction features all the entertainment a kid of any age can appreciate. Swings, slides, and monkey bars are commonly used at Bonner Park, but when it comes to keeping cool, it's concrete water park with fountains and sprinklers are tons of fun.

3. Float the Blackfoot

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Grab your inner tube and make your way to the Blackfoot River, voted the best place to float in Montana. There are numerous unofficial access points along the river so the best advice would be to search your location on this guide to find the best place to start and end.

4. Currents in Missoula

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This indoor water park is open year-round with water slides and a huge pool. Perfect for anyone who wants to cool down away from the suns harmful rays.

5. Sprinkler Run

Sometimes all you need to curb the heat is to step out into your own backyard and crank the hose up to full blast, or better still, just set the sprinklers and have a good old fashion run through the water!

We are certain that there are many other things to do to cool down in Zootown but these are probably the best. Add more ideas to this list by commenting in the field below. Have a great summer in Missoula!


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